A Midnight Encounter with The Boogie Man

I was in a deep sleep when I heard the door bell ring through my dream and then again just to make sure I woke up. It was a warm night which made me feel too tired to even realise it was in the middle of the night. Through my sleepy half opened eyes I picked up my phone to check the time. It was 2:45am. I put my sleepy head back on the pillow. Then it suddenly dawned on me, did I just hear the doorbell ring?

Suddenly a thought went through my head, who is ringing my doorbell? At 2:45 in the morning. I am here on my own as my husband is overseas with his family. What if someone has come to burgle my house and they rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home, and here I am still lying in bed. My kids are downstairs. I have to be their protector!burglar

I flick on my light and quietly get up hopeing not to disturb an intruder.  I picture in my head a group of thugs removing objects from my house and me catching them by surprise. I am in my nightie, so I first creep to my closet and grab a summer nightgown. Already feeling warm from the air, I now feel hot from the rush of blood flowing through my body, my defensive instincts are kicking in. I grab a bottle of Victoria Secret body mist to spray in the unsuspecting intruders face. I had no other weapon, not even a torch.

I hear some noise down the stairs, hopefully it is just the children rolling over in their sleep and them dreaming sweet dreams. I look down the stairs and try to listen carefully for any sound that may be cause for alarm. I don’t know why I didn’t grab my phone. I slowly creep down the stairs, my heart beats faster. I am standing on the bottom step. Hesitant to move from what seems like a safe place.


I quickly poke my head forward and take a glance to the right, somewhat like I am in an undercover operation. The hall light at the far end is on and all I can hear is the ticking of a clock from one of the rooms. Nothing, I quickly look to the left and place my right foot down on the hall floor, I have to look around another corner but there are no lights in this hall.

I look and everything is clear, I picture myself saying clear into my head piece and signally my backup to move on. But I am alone fighting off the voices in my head telling me the thieves are hiding behind couches because they heard you come down the stairs.

I flick on the front door light, hoping it will scare off anyone that may be lurking there. I hear nothing.

I walk into the family room where my folded washing is piled high from not having put it away that day. Hoping not to step on any toys left laying on the floor, I walk to the window and gently pull the blind away from it, just enough for me to peek outside. Nothing!

I don’t see or hear anything. My fears start to subside and I start to feel silly for holding a bottle of spray in my hand. I walk through another room which leads to the main area. All is dark except for a small night light in the kitchen. My thoughts go to my children, all this going on and they haven’t a clue. I slowly open the sliding doors, seeing dark objects before me with the moonlight streaming in from outside. It seems quiet enough so I go in.

Then I hear the buzzing of the oven. I quickly glance over and see the oven clock numbers flashing. This can only mean one thing.

The power had gone out!

This explains why the doorbell rang, as it is connected to the power. When the power comes back on the doorbell always rings. It is amazing what your mind can make up given the right environment.

A visit from the Boogie Man.


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