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Utility Companies Causing Stress ...


What is with this new, or maybe not so new, scare tactic big companies are using to deter their customers from making enquiries or complaints? I have had two problems this week with the gas and phone company and before my call even got through to them I was warned not once or twice but […]

Keeping Calm During the Morning Rush


“I can’t find my shoes”, “my socks are missing”, ” Where’s my jumper?”. Does this sound familiar to you? I am sure it does and often these call outs from those little voices in the distance can just make you cringe or want to curl up in a ball and head straight back to bed. […]

That Horrid Four Letter Word…&#...


Seriously, how many times in one year should your child get nits? I thought once was more than enough but already this year alone those rotten little bugs have found their way into my children’s hair, like three times! Argh! It’s not like us parents don’t have enough to do already. On top of our […]

Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch Up, Giv...


Got a big event coming up but you haven’t got time to waste or get yourself to the hairdresser. Your hair regrowth is just starting to show through and you start to see your true age which you hide so well using hair dye. Want to keep it hidden for just that bit longer, to […]

Sick leave for a mother?


  You’re a Mother who is starting to feel unwell in the evening. If only you could have a sleep in tomorrow morning by either snoozing through that alarm or completely switching it off for good. You know for sure that you are either going to feel the same or so much worse the next […]

Strengthening Your Core with Barbie


There are many exercises a person can do to stay fit and healthy, but there are also those exercises that are purely for focusing on certain areas of the body. Exercises are done to help build and tone muscles and create strength. Exercise can also help with loosing weight, depression, self esteem and some medical […]

Where Did I Put That List?


How many times do you go to the shop and forget what it was you were meant to buy or where you were actually meant to be going? I know I am not the only one. Driving along the road suddenly thinking what was I doing, where was I going? Or in the supermarket pulling […]

First-Aid Kit Clean Out


Feeling like you can never find that medication when you need it, or buying medication just because you cant find it and then realising you already had some. Sick of fumbling around in your medicine cupboard, between bottles and half used band-aid boxes. Need something that is quick and easy to grab when an emergency […]

Large Family Bulk Buying, Saving a Pr...


  Since I have a large family I tend to do a lot of bulk buying. A few years ago Costco opened up in Melbourne and every few months I take the long trip there to stock up on my often used grocery items. It is always a big spend for the one trip but […]

Somebody’s Laughing, Just not S...


So someone has a sense of humour around here and I think the joke is on me! I am still not sure if I am laughing yet or if I should cry! Like it….share it

Washing! Lets get Sorted!


My 12 year old boy came to me this morning and whispered in my ear “hey Mum, you know that white shirt of mine, it has pink stains on it”, and then he giggled. Oops! Don’t you hate that! Thank goodness he could see the funny side of it! Like it….share it

The Secret Is In The Oil


How frustrating is it to have dry, brittle hair! Besides the fact that I constantly have hair falling out in clumps, it is also dry and frizzy and generally annoying. Recently a friend of mine commented how she came across an oil to use in her hair, just a couple of drops was all it […]

Frame a Sports Guernsey in 10 Easy St...


So you have a guernsey you would like to frame but don’t know where to start or how to do it and you don’t want to pay someone else to do something you could easily do yourself. Here is an easy way to frame that prized guernsey without using pins or staples. Your guernsey will […]

Keeping The Bedrooms Clean Can Prove ...

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It is not always such a difficult task to keep the main areas where you know you spend most of your time on a daily basis, clean. However when it comes to the bedrooms it is a different story. No matter how often the children’s rooms are tidied, they always seem to look messy only […]

Keeping Those Pantry Thieves Away

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Is it just me, or does anyone else suffer from a pantry thief? I think mine are aged about 6, 9, & 12 and can smell a box of snacks a mile away. They are not bothered about the box being closed, will break into it anyway they can, exits the pantry with guilty looks […]

When Sorting Cupboards Creates Useful...

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After collecting all the shoes in the house from my kids, refer to blog post Drowning in a Sea of Shoes, I had to think of a solution on where and how I would store them. Like it….share it

A Thrifty Solution to Killer Weeds

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Every now and again the garden or yard gets a little out of control and needs some extra tidying up. I don’t have much of a garden, it consists of box hedges around the edge of the house and that’s it. Like it….share it

You can never have TOO many children!

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Peek-a-boo everyone; if you are wondering why I am posting here, well I am truly about to tell you.   First of all, did you know that I designed this blog (sure is pretty if I do say so myself), what you didn’t?  Well please stick around, and have a look at the fabulous posts, recipes and […]

Drowning in a Sea of Shoes

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One must ask themselves the question, can you ever have too many shoes? For me I believe the answer is yes.    I have never been one to have a lot of shoes. I have the bare essentials really, and some might say not even that. Like it….share it

Big Mess Mischief

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We all know that when the kids are being more quiet than usual it is often a good idea to sneak a look at what their doing. As most likely they are getting up to mischief.   Like it….share it

How Useful Could a Cucumber Be?

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Not realising it but every time I use a cucumber in my salad or on a sandwich I was actually getting more than I bargained for. Who knew that the funny looking vegetable could be so handy around the home? Like it….share it

Mud Pies and Dirty Faces Versus Clean...

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How do you make use of sunny days when the kids are home? Do you get them to tidy the house and their mess or do you let them get outside and play? Like it….share it

Flooded Laundry – Again!

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    So who has this ever happened to? And how many times? It seems to occur in my house more than a few times a year. I wish it would never happen!   Like it….share it

My Special Fried Rice


3 cups of cooked rice vegetable oil 250 grms diced bacon 2 eggs 2 cups mixed vegetables 1/4 – 1/2 cup Soy sauce salt Like it….share it

My Easy Cook Eggs


  Crack two eggs in a bowl & Add a shake of salt   Like it….share it

Washing Machine Blues

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  They are one of the most used appliances in the house, especially when you have 7 children. It is an item that when you purchase it you want it to last forever so that you do not have to buy another one again. Or have it break down and your left with piles of washing […]

Should The Car Be Cleaned Before a Lo...

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Always before a long trip I like to give the car a good clean and wash, but then while on the trip I wonder why I bothered because it ends up being filled with rubbish from chip packets, lolly wrappers, sand from who knows where and clothes scatted throughout. And always there is an apple […]

My Favourite Cooking Books

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  While I was cleaning up my bookshelf, check out my VIP blog,  (A bookshelf should be a wall feature ~ not an eyesore!) over at Noexcuses! Easy Organising for Large Families!, I thought I could share with you some of my favourite cooking books and magazines that I have found the most useful and have […]

The Stocking Game

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  Got some old stockings lying around in your drawers? Wondering what to do with all those stockings with ladders in them? Well don’t throw them out! What you say? Well I may just have the solution. Collect them up and your next party may become the most memorable of all, with lots of laughs!!! […]

Bookshelf Attraction not an Eyesore!

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  Time to straighten out the book shelf.   Look how messy this thing is, why do people seem to think it is ok to chuck anything on a book shelf, it is meant for books! Like it….share it


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