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Sausage Subs Surprise


Sick of serving sausages in bread! Kids complaining they don’t want boring old sausages for dinner. Well here I have a new, tasty way of serving up the good ol’ Aussie snag! Ingredients: 12 Sausages 6 Sheets Puff Pastry 350grm Grated Cheese 1 Egg White       Like it….share it

Giddy Up Horsey! It’s time for ...


It’s known as the race that stops the nation, or nearly everyone’s heart, especially if you have placed a bet on a horse! Yes that’s right I am talking about The Melbourne Cup! If you have not heard of it by now, you may as well be a worm with your head in the ground! […]

A Grocery Run That Requires No Runnin...

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Need a break from running all over town to do your grocery shopping? Sick of fighting with your grocery trolley that just won’t travel in the direction you want it to go.  Well I may have just found a solution. It is this nifty little app which fits right there on your iphone, or iPad and its called […]

Four Years on – Remembering Bla...

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This picture was taken by my husband and used by the local paper The fire season is well and truly upon us, and this is only at the beginning of it really. February can be the worst time of year for fires in our area but we should always be prepared.  Like it….share it

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Ahhh! Ferrero, don’t we just love em’!   I know I am not the only one, so that is why I have created this scrumtious, not for the faint hearted, Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies! And if you bake them just right they will be the most perfect biscuit you have ever eaten. try not to […]

Preparing for a Holiday to The Gold C...

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There is now less than 3 weeks before I go jet-setting to the gorgeous Gold Coast with my friend Lisa from No Excuses! As you can imagine a lot of preparation has already gone into this trip,   I don’t want to get there and worry about what I will be doing while I am there. Like it….share it

A Love of Australian Poetry

A Love of Australian Poetry

I have always had a love of poetry, especially the traditional australian poetry. I remember learning the poems as a young child, I even kept a scrap book of all the poems learnt & loved. As a child you can’t help but become a part of the poetry.  it reflects your life growing up in […]

Pavlova – Always a Crowd Please...

Pavlova – Always a Crowd Pleaser!

Pavlova was always a family favourite, being made to perfection by my mum. Every birthday, Christmas or any celebration her much desired pav would be made, and always the first dessert to be devoured. Bad luck if you were too busy in conversation, if you did not get to the pav straight away you would […]


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