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French Toast


I had never eaten French toast until recently when I was in recovery from an operation and my husband was on house duties including cooking. He decided it would be something different and fun for the kids to have and it was a hit. Now it has become an easy Friday night favourite or even […]

Keeping Calm During the Morning Rush


“I can’t find my shoes”, “my socks are missing”, ” Where’s my jumper?”. Does this sound familiar to you? I am sure it does and often these call outs from those little voices in the distance can just make you cringe or want to curl up in a ball and head straight back to bed. […]

That Horrid Four Letter Word…&#...


Seriously, how many times in one year should your child get nits? I thought once was more than enough but already this year alone those rotten little bugs have found their way into my children’s hair, like three times! Argh! It’s not like us parents don’t have enough to do already. On top of our […]

Easy Large Family Size Chocolate Cake

Kina cake1

This has to be the easiest chocolate cake to bake. It is great for birthday cakes, special occasions and large gatherings or functions. It is quite moist and can be covered with your choice of icing. I have made this cake for birthdays but also as an after school snack or for the kids lunch […]

Sick leave for a mother?


  You’re a Mother who is starting to feel unwell in the evening. If only you could have a sleep in tomorrow morning by either snoozing through that alarm or completely switching it off for good. You know for sure that you are either going to feel the same or so much worse the next […]

Somebody’s Laughing, Just not S...


So someone has a sense of humour around here and I think the joke is on me! I am still not sure if I am laughing yet or if I should cry! Like it….share it

What I Don’t Do To Get My Kids ...


We all have experienced it, that time of the morning when waking the kids to get ready for school and you hear the small groans from your child saying “I feel sick”. Going through your mind is all the things you had planned for your day and having to make cancellations. The most difficult part is […]

Home Made Lemon Cordial (Lemonade)

Home Made Lemon Cordial (Lemonade)

Home made lemon cordial (lemonade) is a nice refreshing beverage for parties, picnics and entertaining. This is not only a refreshing drink in the summer months but a great way to keep the dreaded colds away in the Winter months. Try it out you will see how easy it is to make, my 12 year […]

Keeping The Bedrooms Clean Can Prove ...

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It is not always such a difficult task to keep the main areas where you know you spend most of your time on a daily basis, clean. However when it comes to the bedrooms it is a different story. No matter how often the children’s rooms are tidied, they always seem to look messy only […]

Cow Pats and Open Windows

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It was a beautiful afternoon, the weather was perfect! Sun shining, slight breeze. Perfect you would think for opening the car window. This is what my 10 year old son decided to do when we arrived home and made our way up the driveway. He had stuck his head out the window to feel the […]

Keeping Those Pantry Thieves Away

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Is it just me, or does anyone else suffer from a pantry thief? I think mine are aged about 6, 9, & 12 and can smell a box of snacks a mile away. They are not bothered about the box being closed, will break into it anyway they can, exits the pantry with guilty looks […]

When Sorting Cupboards Creates Useful...

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After collecting all the shoes in the house from my kids, refer to blog post Drowning in a Sea of Shoes, I had to think of a solution on where and how I would store them. Like it….share it

Christmas Gingerbread House – P...


This Gingerbread House is something I really enjoy making for Christmas, I make it in place of the traditional Christmas Cake. Everyone loves it when it comes time to break up the Gingerbread House on Christmas Day. It may look complicated but with the right instructions and patience anyone can bake, build and decorate this […]

Traditional Gingerbread Christmas Bis...


  Every year at Christmas time I love to bake this traditional Gingerbread recipe and have my children join me in creating these colourful Christmas delights. I also use this same recipe to create a Gingerbread house which I will post shortly. Like it….share it

My Troubling Dream

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    My 11 year old son had to write a poem for school and I thought it was very creative. He gave me permission to share it with everyone, so here it is: Like it….share it

You can never have TOO many children!

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Peek-a-boo everyone; if you are wondering why I am posting here, well I am truly about to tell you.   First of all, did you know that I designed this blog (sure is pretty if I do say so myself), what you didn’t?  Well please stick around, and have a look at the fabulous posts, recipes and […]

Drowning in a Sea of Shoes

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One must ask themselves the question, can you ever have too many shoes? For me I believe the answer is yes.    I have never been one to have a lot of shoes. I have the bare essentials really, and some might say not even that. Like it….share it

Big Mess Mischief

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We all know that when the kids are being more quiet than usual it is often a good idea to sneak a look at what their doing. As most likely they are getting up to mischief.   Like it….share it

Mud Pies and Dirty Faces Versus Clean...

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How do you make use of sunny days when the kids are home? Do you get them to tidy the house and their mess or do you let them get outside and play? Like it….share it

Should The Car Be Cleaned Before a Lo...

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Always before a long trip I like to give the car a good clean and wash, but then while on the trip I wonder why I bothered because it ends up being filled with rubbish from chip packets, lolly wrappers, sand from who knows where and clothes scatted throughout. And always there is an apple […]

The Stocking Game

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  Got some old stockings lying around in your drawers? Wondering what to do with all those stockings with ladders in them? Well don’t throw them out! What you say? Well I may just have the solution. Collect them up and your next party may become the most memorable of all, with lots of laughs!!! […]

No! I don’t want my hair cut!

No! I don’t want my hair cut!

How many parents have to deal with the tantrums of kids and having their hair cut? I am sure the answer is every one of you! Well tonight it was haircut night, yes all seven were getting their hair cut, or in my husband’s terms they were getting their head shaved! Yes that is what […]

Boys Can Do It Too!

Boys Can Do It Too!

Well I now have proof, yes boys are quite capable.  So never fear mums of the male gender; they CAN do housework!!!  So it is time to rethink what we have all been led to believe. That the girls clean the house and the boys stay tinkering  outside. Teach them young and teach them well, […]

Chore Charts, Getting Kids To Do Thei...

Chore Charts, Getting Kids To Do Their Bit

Just wanted to post this link to a great site with a really easy and adaptable way of making Chore Charts, I love it! You can create your own custom chart with chores and names or days of the week if you prefer. I make mine with my children’s names across the top and the […]


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