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Its a Bird, Its a Plane, No! It’...

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So my husband has a new hobby! You know I think this is great as I truly believe everyone needs a hobby. I bought my husband a spy helicopter for Christmas and as much as he loved it, he just had to go one better, a few hundred dollars better. Like it….share it

A First Opinion is Never Your Last Re...

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Feeling sick again, don’t know what it is. Been to the doctor and your not getting any answers just more tablets? Well listen up people I am going to give you some advice! Like it….share it

iRecommend Blogger App for iPhone &am...

iRecommend Blogger App for iPhone & iPad

I have decided that my next iphone/ipad app to recommend should be of course the Blogger app. Created for these devices to make it easier for blogging.  “Blogging on the go” they call it! Well I love it as I can blog from anywhere, I can save the blog and then open up my PC […]

Oh Mii Gosh I Am A Wii Genius

Oh Mii Gosh I Am A Wii Genius

Well I couldn’t do this without my friend Google & YouTube! I just modded my Wii with ModMii.  Our Wii had already been modified once before by someone else, it was purchased  this way.  A while back we had some visitors and one’s child was let loose on the Wii and somehow managed to download an update. After […]


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