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A Grocery Run That Requires No Runnin...

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Need a break from running all over town to do your grocery shopping? Sick of fighting with your grocery trolley that just won’t travel in the direction you want it to go.  Well I may have just found a solution. It is this nifty little app which fits right there on your iphone, or iPad and its called […]

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, No! It’...

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So my husband has a new hobby! You know I think this is great as I truly believe everyone needs a hobby. I bought my husband a spy helicopter for Christmas and as much as he loved it, he just had to go one better, a few hundred dollars better. Like it….share it

iDownloader Pro Recommendation for iP...

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  I recently installed the application iDownloader Pro on my iPad and feel it is time to recommend it to you all. The capabilities of this application far outweigh the small $1.99 fee you will pay to download it. Like it….share it


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