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Thyroid Brain Training


Most people relate forgetfulness with being one of the elderly in our society, yet every thyroid sufferer will experience some form of forgetfulness. One of the many frustrating symptoms of a problematic thyroid is the brain fog or forgetfulness. It can give you a down right headache just trying to search in your head for that thing […]

Where Did I Put That List?


How many times do you go to the shop and forget what it was you were meant to buy or where you were actually meant to be going? I know I am not the only one. Driving along the road suddenly thinking what was I doing, where was I going? Or in the supermarket pulling […]

A Grocery Run That Requires No Runnin...

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Need a break from running all over town to do your grocery shopping? Sick of fighting with your grocery trolley that just won’t travel in the direction you want it to go.  Well I may have just found a solution. It is this nifty little app which fits right there on your iphone, or iPad and its called […]

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, No! It’...

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So my husband has a new hobby! You know I think this is great as I truly believe everyone needs a hobby. I bought my husband a spy helicopter for Christmas and as much as he loved it, he just had to go one better, a few hundred dollars better. Like it….share it

AppShopper – The app for bargai...

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Today I am going to recommend to you the iPhone, iPad application: AppShopper. This little beauty of an application allows you to find any applications in the iTunes app store that are on sale for less than the original price or for free. Like it….share it

iRecommend Blogger App for iPhone &am...

iRecommend Blogger App for iPhone & iPad

I have decided that my next iphone/ipad app to recommend should be of course the Blogger app. Created for these devices to make it easier for blogging.  “Blogging on the go” they call it! Well I love it as I can blog from anywhere, I can save the blog and then open up my PC […]

Hanging With Friends Game App

Hanging With Friends Game App

Today’s App recommendation is going to be a game: Hanging with Friends! Hanging With Friends is a modern version of the classic game of hangman that allows you to solve and create hangman puzzles for your friends right around the globe.  Instead of hanging a person, which seems a bit morbid and from a previous […]

IMO Chat Application

IMO Chat Application

My first recommended application is IMO Instant Messenger Chat.  The reason this is my first is because I use it every single day.  It keeps me logged into my social networking sites, which means I am available all the time to my friends and family.  You can also change your status through this application just like when […]


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