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A Midnight Encounter with The Boogie ...


I was in a deep sleep when I heard the door bell ring through my dream and then again just to make sure I woke up. It was a warm night which made me feel too tired to even realise it was in the middle of the night. Through my sleepy half opened eyes I […]

My Little Sweet Revenge at Christmas


Christmas is a time for giving, celebrating and not getting revenge, right?  Well if your partner or husband is anything like mine maybe you would consider a sweet revenge like this. They say, ‘you often buy your partner a gift that you would love to receive yourself’, well this was one gift that was bought with […]

Somebody’s Laughing, Just not S...


So someone has a sense of humour around here and I think the joke is on me! I am still not sure if I am laughing yet or if I should cry! Like it….share it

Cow Pats and Open Windows

8 pearls

It was a beautiful afternoon, the weather was perfect! Sun shining, slight breeze. Perfect you would think for opening the car window. This is what my 10 year old son decided to do when we arrived home and made our way up the driveway. He had stuck his head out the window to feel the […]

When Trailers and Potholes Don’...

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Have you ever towed a trailer?    Well I have towed a trailer a few times and get so nervous when I do. I also have had my fair share of mishaps almost every time I have towed. There is one particular time that stands out from all of them though, so please try not […]


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