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Juggling with your Thyroid During Pre...

Pregnant examined by a doctor

During pregnancy you may find your thyroid symptoms are more prevalent than before. Symptoms like restless legs, fatigue, aches & pains, cramps and swollen ankles, may seem to increase and be unbearable at times. You may even experience bleeding in the beginning and throughout your pregnancy which can leave you feeling quite uneasy. Like it….share […]

One Decision I Wouldn’t Change


Continuing on from my story page….. After having a scan done on my throat, I was told by my endocrinologist that my thyroid was extremely over-active and we needed to take action urgently. I was not even given the chance to understand what this was and papers were shoved under my nose that I had to […]

Off to the hospital, its D day…...

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Usually at around 30 weeks of pregnancy the experts say that you should have your bags packed and ready for hospital. Who knows when your little baby will decide to make their entrance into the world. With me however, I can almost most certainly guarantee  that I will be longer and then my Doctor will […]

Popeye Gained Iron Strength from Spin...

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  Have you ever been told your iron levels are a bit low? That you are anaemic? Or maybe you just feel a bit sleepy, sluggish or slow. You may also have headaches or may ‘feel the cold’ more and be prone to illness.   Like it….share it

Gestational Diabetes

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This week I had the Gestational Diabetes Glucose test (GTT), which lasts for 2 hours. If you have been pregnant before you know what I am talking about but if you have never had a baby this is the test taken between the 26 & 28 week stage of your pregnancy. You have to fast […]


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