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Keeping Calm During the Morning Rush


“I can’t find my shoes”, “my socks are missing”, ” Where’s my jumper?”. Does this sound familiar to you? I am sure it does and often these call outs from those little voices in the distance can just make you cringe or want to curl up in a ball and head straight back to bed. […]

That Horrid Four Letter Word…&#...


Seriously, how many times in one year should your child get nits? I thought once was more than enough but already this year alone those rotten little bugs have found their way into my children’s hair, like three times! Argh! It’s not like us parents don’t have enough to do already. On top of our […]

What I Don’t Do To Get My Kids ...


We all have experienced it, that time of the morning when waking the kids to get ready for school and you hear the small groans from your child saying “I feel sick”. Going through your mind is all the things¬†you had planned for your day and having to make cancellations. The most difficult part is […]

Keeping Those Pantry Thieves Away

8 pearls

Is it just me, or does anyone else suffer from a pantry thief? I think mine are aged about 6, 9, & 12 and can smell a box of snacks a mile away. They are not bothered about the box being closed, will break into it anyway they can, exits the pantry with guilty looks […]


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