Dutch Chicken Croquettes


This is a traditional Dutch recipe that my mother gave to me. She would make these only for special occasions, like Christmas or Birthday’s!
They are certainly a special treat, especially because the making of them is quite a bit involved but definitely worth all the effort in the end.
This recipe will make approximately 120-130 croquettes and they can be made in advance as they freeze well.
1 Whole chicken or 3 – 4 chicken breasts
3 Litres of water (enough to cover whole chicken)
3 Tablespoons curry
3 1/2 Cups plain flour
2 Bay leaves
2 Cubes Chicken Stock
Crumbing Ingredients:
Bread crumbs
Plain flour
1. Boil chicken or use pressure cooker to cook the chicken. If boiling the chicken make sure you boil it for a t least half an hour so the meat is tender.

2. Remove chicken from water, remove meat from bones and chop meat.


3. Put the chopped chicken meat back into the pot of water and bring to the boil.

 4. Add stock cubes, bay leaves, curry, pepper, and plenty of salt. You will need to taste to check it is very salty.


6. Remove from heat and mix in flour. You may not need all of the flour. The mixture should be firm but moist – not dry.


7. Roll mixture into balls and roll them into flour, then egg and lastly bread crumbs.

8. Heat oil in fryer between 170 & 190 degrees Celsius.

9. Fry Croquettes until golden brown.

Serve with your favourite flavour of mustard
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