First-Aid Kit Clean Out

Feeling like you can never find that medication when you need it, or buying medication just because you cant find it and then realising you already had some. Sick of fumbling around in your medicine cupboard, between bottles and half used band-aid boxes. Need something that is quick and easy to grab when an emergency situation arises. Or your just needing to get on top of that overflowing First Aid Kit. I may have a quick and easy solution for you.


My First Aid Kit was in a terrible state, I had expired medicines in there, old used bandages, band-aids all over the place and it was just impossible to find anything or keep track of items I needed to restock. So with the inspiration from No Excuses and her tips on First Aid Kit organisation I came up with this idea for the handy mobile first aid kit. The first-aid box you can have at home but quickly grab for an emergency or chuck in the car for evacuation purposes or when going on vacations or trips.

So firstly I completely emptied out this First-Aid container and gave it a good clean. I then sorted out the medicines, band-aids, bandages and other aids I found in there. I threw out all the expired medicines and anything that looked not hygienic for first-aid as all items whenever used for first aid should be sterile. Then I placed them in separate resealable snack and sandwich bags that have the writeable panel at the front.


 For any medications that had dosage instructions I cut out the instructions from the box and placed it in the bags. See picture below.


I wrote on each panel what the item is inside, so when I completely run out I know what was in there and what I need to stock up on.

FAK 3I then placed them standing up in the first aid kit container so they are easy to grab and your not wasting time searching for the bag of first aid you need. I also wrote on the top plastic panel what the item in the resealable bag is so I only need to pull out the bag I need and not have to lift all bags to find the right one I am looking for.


It looks so much neater and easier to find what I may need. There is definitely a few things I need to stock up on but with my first-aid kit looking like this it is now going to be a breeze. Another thing I will do is put all my scripts for medications in a resealable bag and place it in here as I am forever losing them and need to go see the doctor just to get a new script written out.

 Another item that should be with the First-Aid Kit is the First-Aid Hand Book.

Here is a list of some items to have in your First-Aid Kit

Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes – for simple cuts or abrasions
Butterfly bandages and narrow adhesive strips – to hold the edges of a cut together to allow it to heal
Individually wrapped, sterile gauze pads (2″ and 4″) – to control bleeding or secretions and prevent contamination
Hypoallergenic adhesive tape – to hold a dressing or splint in place
Roll of absorbent cotton – as padding for a splint
Sterile roller bandages (2″ and 3″), at least 3 rolls – to lend support to sprained or sore muscles
Cotton-tipped swabs
Anti-itch lotion or cream – for relief of insect bites, itching and minor skin irritations
Antiseptic ointment, spray or towelettes – for cleansing wounds
Antibiotic ointment – to prevent infection of minor wounds
Latex gloves – for protection when providing emergency help to an injured individual
Emergency phone numbers – doctor, pharmacy, poison control, etc.
First aid handbook

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