Frame a Sports Guernsey in 10 Easy Steps


So you have a guernsey you would like to frame but don’t know where to start or how to do it and you don’t want to pay someone else to do something you could easily do yourself. Here is an easy way to frame that prized guernsey without using pins or staples. Your guernsey will stay in great condition and and sit perfectly in your frame.

Items you will need:

Guernsey, large mounting frame to fit guernsey, large foam board 68cm x 85cm aprox., grey lead pencil, scissors, double sided mounting tape.

Step 1. Place guernsey on foam board and trace wide around guernsey with pencil. At least 1 – 2cm wider than guernsey.


Step 2. Cut along pencil line.

Cutboard     Step3t

Step 3. Place guernsey over cut out like you are dressing it.

Step5.5      Step4   

Step 4. Trim as you are dressing it, to fit.


Step 5. Trim edges of foam board to fit guernsey so it can not be seen. Don’t forget the neckline.


Step 6. Place guernsey on mounting board from frame where you would like it to sit. Make a small pencil mark where the corners of the guernsey sit.


Step 7. Flip guernsey over and on the back place strips of the double sided mounting tape.


Step 8. Remove tape cover, ready for sticking to mounting board.


Step 9. Carefully finding the pencil marks you made, place guernsey down on mounting board and press firmly to stick.


Step 10. Place mounting board in frame and close frame. Your framed guernsey is ready to hang.



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  • No Excuses!

    Wow; why did get their one framed professionally, when they could have go you do it 😉

    • radioactivemamma

      Well I guess it might be because I only just taught myself to do this, had I known earlier I would have gladly offered my services 😉


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