Giddy Up Horsey! It’s time for The Melbourne Cup!

horseIt’s known as the race that stops the nation, or nearly everyone’s heart, especially if you have placed a bet on a horse! Yes that’s right I am talking about The Melbourne Cup! If you have not heard of it by now, you may as well be a worm with your head in the ground!

Living in Victoria all my life it seems like at this time of year everything seems to step it up a notch, the fashions, the flowers, fascinators & hatinators, the excitement builds all leading up to the world renown Melbourne Cup!

It is a time when people gather together, family, friends, colleagues, townships, to celebrate or commiserate at a win or a loss on the horse pick of the day. I usually gather at a friends home where we share in a meal together and sip champagne while we await the much anticipated event. The races will play in the background while we enjoy each others company and conversations.

There will be a draw of horses from a hat for each person, whether it’s a $1 or $10 bet per head, it makes the race exciting for all. Even the kids join in, there are enough horses for all. But only 1 horse can win and we all await who will be the lucky one to take home the loot or who will be shouting the end of cup day round of drinks? Usually it is my husband every year who gets the winning horse, so maybe I will double check with him first before placing my bet.

But for the first time ever I am going to experience being there at the Melbourne Cup Day event! The horses, the jockey’s, the people, the costumes, the celebrities, the flowers, I can’t wait to be there where it all takes place. I am excited and nervous all at the same time, as this will be stepping out of my comfort zone, stressing about what to wear, how I’m going to get there, where to park, but these are such minor things to be thinking of and more than likely my excitement to be going will get in the way of the nerves.

horsesThanks to I will be attending this years 2013 Melbourne Cup on the 5th of November. With my good friend Lisa at No Excuses Easy Organising for Large Families, who I am sure is just as excited as me. We will take a punt on a horse, a different one of course so there will be a bit of rivalry between us. It will make the day even more fun. Surely I will pick the winner? Using some tips and heads up from https:/ At least in today’s technology savvy world we can make a bet from our phones, iPads or tablets without even having to visit a bookie.

The weather in Melbourne is always so unpredictable, it can pour with rain or be stinking hot at this time of year so I will choose two outfits for the day. I think I will dress up a bit as it is a special occasion not like the usual BBQ jeans, t-shirt and thongs. Something a bit elegant with a fascinator to top, but the shoes I don’t know, I think I might topple in high heels with all that champagne to drink.


So I guess I will see you at the finish line, hopefully a win in hand with maybe some aching feet. Possibly a sore throat from cheering my horse on to win. But I am sure most of all a most enjoyable day I will never forget.

Oh and my tip for the day – have fun no matter what!

A horse tip – Tuscan Fire sounds like a sure winner to me.







I will be a guest of at this years Melbourne Cup!

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  • No Excuses!

    Can’t wait; we really need to go shopping for a hats and shoes!

  • MyJewelleryBox

    Yes we sure do, any excuse will do!

  • Melissa Gassman

    Can’t wait to see a pic of you and Lisa in your fascinators! I hope you have a fabulous time 🙂

    • radioactivemamma

      I can’t wait either Melissa, its all very exciting!


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