Home Made Lemon Cordial (Lemonade)

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Home made lemon cordial (lemonade) is a nice refreshing beverage for parties, picnics and entertaining. This is not only a refreshing drink in the summer months but a great way to keep the dreaded colds away in the Winter months. Try it out you will see how easy it is to make, my 12 year old son loves to make this drink.


Items you will need:

You need at least a two litre jug, three lemons, a lemon squeezer, wooden spoon, sugar, water, ice cubes.

1. Put five – six cups of water in the jug.

2. Put one – two cups of sugar in the jug then place it in the fridge for five – ten minutes.

3. Cut the lemons in half and then squeeze them into a little container, (you can do this while the jug is in the fridge).

4. Remove the jug from the fridge add a tray of ice blocks, (you can choose not to use the ice if you prefer), add the lemon juice then mix together with the wooden spoon.

6.Pour yourself a glass, Sit, Relax & Enjoy =)

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