If Only a Visit to The Doctor Could be as Easy as Miss Polly and Her Dolly

Disney-Cartoon-Goofy-Wallpapers44Going to a doctor for any ailment, especially when it is not physically visible can often be a difficult decision to make. And sometimes its hard to know whether it is serious or your just being over paranoid about certain changes your noticing.

The first rule should always be: Don’t ever be afraid to go and see the doctor about anything you think is unusual or doesn’t seem quite right about your health and well being.

Your doctor has seen and heard it all anyway!

It is just whether or not he/she decides to take action on your behalf and have tests done to investigate it properly. If your doctor just dismisses it but you feel like it is something that is just not going away or not normal then go and see another doctor.

I have written a post ¬†A First Opinion is Never Your Last Resort¬†on getting a second opinion. It always pays off if you don’t feel right or good about the results or response your given.

Keep fighting and searching to have yourself heard and feeling good again.doctor_shot_cartoon

And don’t keep putting it off, as it may end up being too late.

I spent years trying to find answers to why I was so unwell, and then even when I thought I had found the answers I would end up sick again sometime later with something else. It wasn’t until I went to see a different doctor about my new problems that he sent me off for thyroid tests. Finding a doctor who understands your ailments is half the problem. Keep pushing on until you find that doctor.

And that day when you find the doctor that suddenly sees you and understands you and what your going through will be like the best day of your life, and once they are able to help you on your way to feeling better you will be glad you took that step to find out if what you were feeling was right.

Why not check out my page Signs & Symptoms which has some of the many signs and symptoms of thyroid disease which may help you take that first step to go and see a GP about your health.


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