Juggling with your Thyroid During Pregnancy

Pregnant examined by a doctorDuring pregnancy you may find your thyroid symptoms are more prevalent than before. Symptoms like restless legs, fatigue, aches & pains, cramps and swollen ankles, may seem to increase and be unbearable at times. You may even experience bleeding in the beginning and throughout your pregnancy which can leave you feeling quite uneasy.

You may find you experience new symptoms you have never had before, like dizziness, blurry or impaired vision, body cramps, greater fluid retention, gestational diabetes, or high blood pressure. Some of these symptoms are caused by a vitamin deficiency or the inadequate dosage of your thyroid medication.


I have been pregnant 6 times after having my thyroid treatment, (Radioactive Iodine Treatment). I gave birth to two babies prior to the treatment and had also suffered a miscarriage with my very first. I experienced some form of bleeding with each pregnancy, mostly in the early stages but sometimes throughout the pregnancy as well. This can be a very stressful experience for anyone going through it. The bleeding can be just some spotting or it could possibly be heavier which can be more worrying. If this does occur you should always go and see your doctor, they will send you off to have an ultra sound.

Having a thyroid condition you are also at a higher risk of suffering a miscarriage so it is very important to start out before you conceive with taking those pre pregnancy vitamins. Folate or Folic Acid & Iodine are the recommended supplements. Folic acid helping reduce the risk of spina-bifida and iodine for the development of the baby’s brain and eyes.

6a0148c706506d970c014e8b290501970d-320wiIt is very important to keep up with your blood tests, making sure your thyroid is running sufficiently and you are not deficient in iron and Vitamins. You may need to have your medication dose increased or decreased to help your thyroid and body adjust to the many changes and growing baby within your body.

It is very important when you are pregnant to take extra care of yourself and your thyroid during this time. Your body is now working to support two human beings instead of just one and this puts more pressure on your thyroid to work harder.

With every one of my pregnancies after my treatment I had to adjust my medication, taking that little bit extra. Also taking extra iron and vitamins helped to keep me from feeling overly tired and would give me extra energy to help get me through the days. Especially closer to the end of the pregnancy. Sometimes it can take a few blood tests just to get the correct dose of medication for you during pregnancy.

You may also find you are more prone to being low in vitamin D, meaning you don’t get out into the sunshine enough. During Winter this can be more difficult as there is less sunlight hours and it can just be so cold you don’t even want to venture outside. Then in Summer you also don’t want to go outside as it is too hot and you can’t bare it.


So in Winter, to kill two birds with one stone, I set up a couch at the sunniest window of the house and I would lay there for a while to get a good afternoon nap plus lots of sunshine. Maybe in the Summer months you could get out in the sun in the earlier hours of the day and catch the morning sun.

How to Best Absorb Vitamin D

Get lots of rest when you can and eat a good healthy diet combined with an exercise routine and regular medical check ups. These things combined will help to get you through your pregnancy.


I am no expert, I am just going from my own experiences and you should always check with your doctor or health care professional before making any changes to your medication or before taking vitamins.





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