Large Family Bulk Buying, Saving a Pretty Penny



Since I have a large family I tend to do a lot of bulk buying. A few years ago Costco opened up in Melbourne and every few months I take the long trip there to stock up on my often used grocery items. It is always a big spend for the one trip but it is well worth it in the end. I save a lot of money on my everyday grocery items and also many trips to the supermarket.

Today marks the day that a second Costco opens up in Melbourne and tomorrow another one is due to open in Sydney. I am quite excited about this as it is closer to where I live which means a shorter trip, more shopping time (wink, wink). My friend at No Excuses and I often go together, she has previously written a blog post, Shopping at Costco and she lists some of the bargains she picked up on one of her shopping expeditions to Costco.

If we are shopping together often we might find something we both need or want and can divide it between us sharing the cost and product. Another way of saving money and having fun with a friend at the same time.

One thing I love about bulk buying is always having the food in my pantry that I need for my meals. I am able to just decide on the day what I want to cook for dinner and I know I have the ingredients in the cupboard. No need to make special trips to the supermarket just to make certain meals.

Even though you are bulk buying, with a large family the food still seems to disappear quickly, like bread and milk, and you wonder if you even went grocery shopping. Or you question when the last time you went was. I think I go through about 12 – 14 loaves of bread a week and I don’t even know how many litres of milk but I am pretty sure it is more than 12 litres.

Of course with food items comes rubbish and lots of it!

So much more rubbish from a larger family. All regular size meals are doubled so that of course means double the packaging. Though I found at Costco I can buy larger bags, containers, jars or bottles of products. Which means I am saving a bit on rubbish.


5Kg container of Nutella

I try to recycle as much as I can, and one of the ways I do this is by sending as many of my boxes to kinder. They are always looking for construction boxes. A bonus is my son loves the idea of taking boxes to his kinder, he tells me about his ideas of what he would like to make with a particular box. It seems he prefers painting though as I never seem to get them brought back home.

I guess the biggest question those with smaller families would be asking is where do I store all this food? I have a a deep freezer which I store breads and meats. I have a walk in pantry or scullery if you prefer, where I have large buckets for storing rice, flour and sugar. Also there is a bar fridge where I store the box of eggs that are available to purchase at Costco.


I find that having a larger family does not always mean I spend more on groceries than a smaller family. As the children grow they tend to eat more, but all meals are made in bulk. All food is bought in bulk! And buying in bulk is actually cheaper in the long run. There are always ways to save money whether you have a small or large family and bulk buying is definitely one way of saving money.


Even the cakes at Costco are made for a crowd

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