My Little Sweet Revenge at Christmas


Christmas is a time for giving, celebrating and not getting revenge, right?  Well if your partner or husband is anything like mine maybe you would consider a sweet revenge like this. They say, ‘you often buy your partner a gift that you would love to receive yourself’, well this was one gift that was bought with his own needs and wants on his mind and without a thought of me.

We had never made a big deal over buying each other gifts for Christmas but I always made an effort to get him something.

It was a few years ago one Christmas Eve when it came to be my turn to unwrap a gift given to me by my husband. I was a little excited because it was the first time he had actually thought to buy me something. I unwrapped the present while watching the children unwrapping theirs. Hoping for something to surprise the socks off me, maybe that was too high of an expectation.

How does one hide the face of disappointment when you unwrap a pair of binoculars?

Oh gee thanks hunny, I can see you put a lot of thought and effort into that! NOT!

I did not know what to say, I was gob-smacked! Really what am I going to do with these? Knowing my husband was a hunter I knew he really had bought them for him, maybe hoping I would appreciate them just as much as he would. I think he had obviously not bought  me a gift again and thought he could quickly wrap this gift he had bought for himself.

I told him thanks but really what am I going to do with these? He said you can use them to have a closer look at the scenery (we do have nice views). I can see the views quite well without binoculars! Was my response. Then I did it, I bit the bullet and said ‘You really bought these for you didn’t you?’ He was adamant that he had bought them for me.

I have probably used the binoculars a handful of times and that was only when he insisted I look at some animals he had spotted in the distance. That’s nice dear!


The year went by fast and soon it was time again to hunt for some Christmas presents. At the time I didn’t have revenge on my mind, it wasn’t until I saw it, the perfect gift for me to get him back for the binoculars. I purchased it as soon as I saw it, I couldn’t resist the urge to get my revenge and see his face on Christmas Eve when he would unwrap this perfect gift.

It was time…. He unwrapped the perfect gift, the perfect gift for me! He was in shock, unsure what to think when he held in his hands a pink chocolate fondue fountain!


Shaking his head looking at me with one question on his mind, “what did you get me that for?”

“Well I know how much you want a chocolate fountain and unfortunately they only had it in pink!”

I would love to hear any similar stories if anyone else has had a sweet revenge on someone they know, especially if it is your partner. Please feel free to share.

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