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My name is Pam, aged 38 at the date of writing this. I am a mother of 8 beautiful children, living in Australia and I have been dealing with thyroid problems and other illnesses for most of my life.

It was in 2002 when I was first diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I had never heard this term before, it was totally new to me. This was after years of being terribly unwell and having been diagnosed with other types of conditions.

I had experienced various signs and symptoms growing up from as early as 10 but typically it was just seen as me being an early bloomer I guess. As I got older and during my teenage years, looking back now, there were many signs of a dysfunctional thyroid.

It wasn’t until I was about 24 that it seemed to show itself with a vengeance.

I started experiencing vertigo & vomiting every day. I had rapidly lost weight so much so that when having pictures taken for work everyone was so shocked at how different I looked in just one year. I had gone from being a size 16-18 to a size 10.

I went to my local GP and after quite a few visits and check ups he had me on three tablets a day, I can’t even remember what they were all for anymore. I went back and told him they were not working, they were only making me more unwell.

He finally sent me to see and optometrist, I couldn’t understand why on earth he would be sending me there. The optometrist ran some tests, and he was able to recognise the vertigo I had been experiencing so he sent me off to have tests in the ear, eye and throat hospital in Melbourne.

It was here I was diagnosed with having Meniere’s Disease, a disease more commonly found in older people or those with a thyroid problem, which I didn’t find out until years later.

I ended up ditching my GP as he just kept loading me up with tablets which did not help me at all. I started going to a natural therapist who had me taking some vitamins and he worked on my back and after only 3 months I had improved immensely.

Quite a few years passed, I married and soon found out we were pregnant with our first baby. About 3 months into the pregnancy I had experienced a miscarriage, something I never imagined would happen. I felt like my world had crumbled, since I had always wanted a big family from as early as 13. I was devastated. Depression started to set in but I overcame it when we found out I was pregnant again not long after.

But only weeks into this pregnancy I started having bleeding and thought the worst. I had an Ultra Sound done and they found fibroids on my ovaries, which is what was causing the bleeding. At least the baby was ok and born the day after his due date. And that too had its own complications, emergency c-section after a month of coping with PUPP rash and the babies heart rate dropping with every contraction.

Not long after my second baby I noticed a few radical changes I lost weight so fast my friends almost didn’t recognise me and started to feel concerned for me. I was experiencing large heart palpitations in a restful state and there were other more personal changes that were so different, I really started to worry that something was seriously wrong.

After a visit to a new doctor, he promptly sent me to have blood tests and I was soon diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis – an over active thyroid. I did not know anything about this disease or condition and I feel I was left in the dark by my endocrinologist at the time.

He gave me two options, as he seemed to think my condition was extremely serious. First option was to have radioactive iodine treatment and the other option was to take a medication for the rest of my life to level out my thyroid function. Had I known that after having the iodine treatment that I still would have been on medication for the rest of my life I probably would have just chosen to take the medication in the first place.

Since having the radioactive iodine treatment I have been self medicating for hypothyroidism, with the help of my local GP and the regular 3 monthly blood tests I have to take. Everyday is a struggle, some days are harder than others but I have made it this far.

I now have a beautiful family of 8 children and take thyroxine every day to keep me functioning well.

I will be writing more about my life and story in my blog posts. I hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful in your journey to wellness.


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