Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch Up, Gives More Than Expected


Got a big event coming up but you haven’t got time to waste or get yourself to the hairdresser. Your hair regrowth is just starting to show through and you start to see your true age which you hide so well using hair dye. Want to keep it hidden for just that bit longer, to get you to your next hairdressing appointment or hair colouring? Well I may have found a solution. Instead of spending 2-3 hours at the hairdresser, this takes just 10 minutes.


I was kindly asked by Mouths of Mums to review this product: Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch Up.


Normally if I colour my hair at home I do all my hair, this was the first time I have ever used a root touch up and I was pleasantly surprised.


The process of mixing the products was super easy and it helped that there was a plastic tub to mix it all in, it was completely mess free. There was a special comb provided to help spread the product easily and evenly through my hair. Once the product was in my hair, using the gloves on my hands,  I massaged it through my hair as much as possible. I set the alarm and the time went so fast, I got a shock when the alarm went off. Not even enough time to catch up on my Facebook Posts.

I washed the product out and conditioned my hair with my own conditioner as there was none provided in the box. I prefer to use my own conditioner anyway as you will see from an earlier post I have written, The Secret Is In The Oil.


The next day I could really see the hair colour and was amazed at how well it had blended with my hair colour, even though it was a bit darker than what I already had in my hair. Also it seemed to colour more than just the roots, it was almost like a half head of hair colouring as  there was no line of where the colour stopped. I even had a friend comment on how good my hair looked. This was without mentioning I had used this product. Now that has to be good if people notice and tell you it is looking great.


Two weeks later and I was having a night out on the town. I was really thinking that I would have to colour my hair all over but was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the colouring still looked great with no sign of regrowth. Also the colour seems to be blending more and more with the colour I already had in my hair.  I am really happy with this product and would recommend it to my friends.

Just saved myself an expensive trip to the hairdresser and all that time, just 10 minutes before you have your shower. Two and a half weeks later and the colour continues to look great!

Here are some specs on the product:

Extend the life of your haircolour. Root Touch-Up gives your haircolour a boost, covering roots and greys anytime between regular colourings. The targeted Root Creme works in just 10 minutes. With more shades than any other root product, you’ll be sure to find your match. Permanent colour that blends seamlessly

  • Lasts up to 3 weeks
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Precision Brush for quick and easy application
  • Just 10 minutes to say goodbye to roots and greys

Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch up Guide

This product seems to be available in most grocery stores, pharmacies and other department stores, so it is a convenient way to keep the greys away. It also comes in a variety of 8 different colours so you should be able to find a close enough match to your colour. I chose a darker colour to my hair colour which seems to have helped in keeping the colour looking great and lasting.


#This was not a sponsored post, nor was I paid by Mouths of Mums or Clairol to do this review.  The above is based on my own opinions and experience of the product.





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