One Decision I Wouldn’t Change

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ScanAfter having a scan done on my throat, I was told by my endocrinologist that my thyroid was extremely over-active and we needed to take action urgently. I was not even given the chance to understand what this was and papers were shoved under my nose that I had to sign. I had made a quick and ill-informed decision to receive Radioactive Iodine Treatment.

Everything was happening so fast when I look back it seems like a whirl wind. Only days after signing the documents I was off to hospital to receive the treatment. My children, I had two boys at the time, were sent to their grandparents for the week as I was not to be near any children or pregnant mothers for a certain amount of time due to the radiation. That alone sounds scary enough.


I really had no idea what to expect when I got there, I was thinking they would be injecting me with something but instead I was given a capsule that I had to swallow. That was it!

Also as a part of receiving this treatment I was told to not fall pregnant for a certain time afterwards. A matter of months if I recall.


Well I did.

My endocrinologist was so mad and upset with me he told me in no uncertain terms that I should get rid of the baby. He told me the child would be born disfigured and with the organs on the outside of the body. Due to the radiation treatment. I was so horrified at what he said and how he spoke to me. He made me feel like an idiot and I never wanted to go back to him again.

I paid a visit to my GP and explained all that had transpired. I had no plans on terminating my pregnancy and I would happily and lovingly accept the baby no matter what complications there may be, if any at all. My GP was very understanding of the situation and he offered to help me control my thyroid with medication, and that I really didn’t need to see the Endocrinologist again. So I promptly rang his office and cancelled my next appointment and I never returned.



I had an early 6 week scan to see if a heart beat could be found. It was such a relief when there was a heart beat! But then we had the long wait for the 12 week Ultra Sound where we would find out how the baby was developing. It was a marvellous surprise and such a relief on having the 12 week Ultra Sound. The baby was found to be developing normally and there was nothing abnormal to be found.

She was born within the first few days of the next year and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. She was absolutely beautiful and a joy to receive into my arms. She was my first girl after having two boys. She is now 9 years old and going strong, with no signs of having any thyroid issues as of yet. 

It just makes me so upset that this doctor was so quick to advise me on not continuing with the pregnancy, my life would be less complete if she was not here. It makes me think about how many women have been in a similar situation where a doctor has made them feel so inferior that they have had to make decisions and felt they could not stand up for themselves.

I have always said and still believe you should always get a second opinion if you are not happy with your doctors advice, please go and read my post A First Opinion is Never Your Last Resort and feel confident enough to get a second opinion.

I truly believe that Doctors don’t always get it right.


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  • Emily Morgan

    Wow, thank goodness you followed your instincts – and how sad for any mother who listened to that man and lost their child, perhaps unnecessarily. It makes me furious, but there are a lot of medical practitioners out there who have little or no interest in people – just in bodies. I’ve met quite a few myself. And if we pay too much attention to them we can definitely regret it. Thanks for sharing!

    • MyJewelleryBox

      Thanks Emily, there have been so many times I have been disappointed by doctors that I pretty much don’t trust 1 opinion.

  • Jeanie

    Wow – it sounds almost like you were bullied. My cousin has an overactive thyroid, which she controls with medication – and 4 beautiful children. So glad that you have an understanding doctor.

    • MyJewelleryBox

      Hi Jeanie, I certainly felt bullied by that doctor. I now have 8 children and take medication everyday to control my under active thyroid. It just seems like a never ending battle though, there are so many ups and downs.


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