Sausage Subs Surprise

Sick of serving sausages in bread! Kids complaining they don’t want boring old sausages for dinner. Well here I have a new, tasty way of serving up the good ol’ Aussie snag!


12 Sausages
6 Sheets Puff Pastry
350grm Grated Cheese
1 Egg White






Lightly brown sausages in pan on all sides, do not cook them too long as they will be cooked further in the oven. Remove from heat and allow to cool a little.


Place a sprinkle of grated cheese on puff pastry pieces. see pic.


Place sausage on top of cheese and pull puff pastry up around the sausage, pinching the pastry together at the top.

Subs 4


Cut off excess pastry at ends and pinch together.



Baste tops of pastry with egg white.


Place on greased tray and put in pre heated oven. Cook for 20mins.


Serve with mixed vegetables.


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  • No Excuses!

    Love this idea Pam 🙂

  • MyJewelleryBox

    It is amazing when serving sausages this way how suddenly the kids love sausages so much!


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