Somebody’s Laughing, Just not Sure if it’s Me!

imagesoSo someone has a sense of humour around here and I think the joke is on me! I am still not sure if I am laughing yet or if I should cry!

Since the start of the week my son’s, (age 7), school diary has been missing. This diary is essential for my kids as we have to sign it every night to let the teachers know that they have completed the tasks that were set out for them for homework and also to make sure we receive any notices handed out. I have turned this house upside down looking for it and I even got his siblings to help on this search mission. I ended up giving up and figured it will show up when we least expect it.

Today being a day of high winds you know for sure it is going to be a crazy day with the kids, as the wind seems to affect their ability to be normal and calm. I just didn’t realise how topsy turvy this day was going to be. Everything went fine with school and kinder drop off but for some reason at kinder I felt like I just didn’t want to go home. My thoughts were concerned over the housework I have yet to do and that I am itching to do some thorough spring cleaning.

I arrived home with my two youngest and first of all I couldn’t find the shed remote, hunting everywhere Keysin the car I turned to my 3 year old and asked if she had touched it. Of course innocently she replied with a sweet “no”. finally after about 10 minutes of doing a complete car search I found the remote and was able to get into the shed.

Then as I was getting out of the car I noticed that I couldn’t find the house keys. I searched my bag, the car console, under the seats, between the car seats – of course I had already checked these places for the remote so surely if the house keys were there I would have noticed them. I distinctly remember placing them on the centre console of the car. One of the little kids must have picked it up. I questioned miss 3 quite a few times and she just kept blaming her older brother who was at kinder so no solution there.

Time to go see if I could break into the house.

house-lockedoutOf course the only unlocked window was the boys room which happens to be above my head from the outside. So I went hunting for something I could stand on. I was able to find a kids chair which got me high enough to open the window but the gap in the window was quite small and not looking very inviting. But I was determined to get in, so I pulled myself through head first and could see this would not end well. I was picturing myself falling onto the floor and imagining the pain from the fall, yep was not looking forward to that!


I’m glad no one was here because it would have looked a sight. Hope the neighbours weren’t watching! It was not easy climbing through that small gap. There is a chair by the window in the boys room which I grabbed and pulled it closer to me and used it to pull myself in the window.

And what was that I heard falling to the floor as I pulled the chair towards me?

My son’s missing diary of course!

Wait till tonight when I have to tell them how I found the diary, I think there will be a few kids in stitches of laughter. Picturing mummy climbing through their bedroom window, possibly doing a really bad version of the drop and roll. More drop than roll I think.

If this is any sign of how I am going to find my house keys I am really not looking forward to that!


Time to get the metal detector out!





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