How To Make Sushi


To make sure your rice is tasting the best it could possibly taste always wash it in cold water. The easiest way to do this is by using a sieve. I however use my rice cooker pot, adding water and moving the rice around in the water and carefully pouring the water out. This should be done until the water runs clear.

First step is to cook the sushi rice

1 cup serves 2, 2 serves 4 etc

After you have cooked the sushi rice remove from heat and stand aside covered for 10 minutes.

I find this time useful for gathering and preparing the ingredients to be used inside the roll.

Ingredients can be carrots, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, capsicum, tuna, prawn, crab, chicken etc. Plus Wasabi paste if you like the added spice.

Cut the vegetables into long thin strips and prepare your meat into small pieces.


Recipe based on 1 cup rice: Place rice into non-metallic bowl, I use a plastic container though many would use a bamboo bowl. Evenly mix in 3-4 tblspn of sushi rice wine vinegar using wooden spoon.

Cool rice quickly by fanning.

Lay bamboo mat on bench. I find using cling wrap on top of bamboo mat helps keep it clean and makes for easier rolling. I have also used baking paper instead of the bamboo and it works just as well.

Place nori (seaweed) shiny side down on bamboo mat.

Spread thin layer of rice evenly over seaweed, leaving 2cm from one edge free of rice.

Place small amount (depending on spice tolerance) of Wasabi in a line and fillings, about 3cm in from other end.


Starting from the end with fillings lift the bamboo mat and begin to roll the sheet.

As your rolling it pull the bamboo away from sushi roll and keep rolling until end meets.

sushipaper sushiroll

You may need to moisten end of nori sheet so it sticks but I find the moisture from the rice is enough to keep it together.

Completely remove bamboo and cut into even proportions. Serve with Soy sauce.



This YouTube video is just an example of one way to make the sushi roll, but will give you an idea of how it is done.

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