That Horrid Four Letter Word……. Nits!

0002Seriously, how many times in one year should your child get nits? I thought once was more than enough but already this year alone those rotten little bugs have found their way into my children’s hair, like three times! Argh! It’s not like us parents don’t have enough to do already. On top of our already busy schedule we have had to fight through jungles of hair to find every single one of these bugs and their tiny little eggs. Then even though you have done it once you have to do it all over again a week later in case you missed any eggs that hatched into more bugs.

secret___whisperAs I am picking my children up from school my daughters teacher quietly tells me, ‘keep an eye out, there has been a report of nits going around’. Are you for real? They have been going around all year, am I the only one dealing with this? Every single time I get rid of them. This is one very frustrating thing about school and for a parent it can be tiring and tedious, even worse for the children is the irritation those little critters can create.

When will people learn, that as soon as you see your child scratching their head quite often, check it for nits! Or if a teacher quietly comes up to you to say your child may have nits because they were sitting next to a child who had a whole nest of them in their head, check it for nits! Or you get handed a news letter saying there have been a few cases of head lice found in the school, check your child’s hair for nits! A few cases usually means there are more than a few. These tiny little critters seem to spread like wild fire, it seems any chance they get they will jump ship and find a new clean jungle of hair to play in (my Kids Heads).

Now that you have found those little critters in your child’s hair, what should you do?


Having 8 children with 6 at school I have had my fair share of nit removing sessions, and if one has them more than often there is bound to be someone else who has them. I try to keep my boys hair short by using electric hair clippers. But I can’t exactly do that with my girls hair even though their dad keeps threatening to ‘cut it all off with the razor’, jokingly of course.

For my girls and anyone else, even myself if need be, I have tried almost every remedy, tonic, solution you could possibly find on the market. But nothing seems to do the job as good as the Full Marks Head Lice Solution. I first heard about this fantastic product via No Excuses Easy Organising when she had trialled the product. After reading her post Those Little Buggers…. I thought I would give it a try.

I was really so amazed at how easy this stuff was to use. It comes in a handy spray bottle so it is easy to put in the hair, no messy hands from conditioner or other tonics. And it is really fast acting, not so time consuming. Just leave it in the hair for 10 minutes and then go through the hair with the fine tooth comb, (also provided in the box), and the bugs literally come tumbling out of the hair. The product seems to make it easy for the comb to just slide through the hair. No more screams and crying with trying to get the comb through thick conditioner hair.


I am able to get through all the kids very efficiently with this product. It no longer takes me 2 hours of exhausting hair tugging, chemical stinging,horrible smelling, painful lice finding. It can possibly just take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the kids of course. But I no longer get the winging and complaining from the kids when it is time to do their hair, they actually enjoy having it done.

To help prevent your child attracting the bugs to their hair you could use gel or hair spray and keep their hair tied up in a plait or pony tail. Also tell them to not use other peoples hair combs, brushes or hats. These preventatives are not always a guarantee that your child won’t get them though it may help lessen the chance of transfer.

I am very grateful to Lisa at No Excuses for doing a review on this product and Full Marks for inventing such a peacemaker for my home. No more long night nit finding vigils.






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