The Secret Is In The Oil

argan-oilHow frustrating is it to have dry, brittle hair!

Besides the fact that I constantly have hair falling out in clumps, it is also dry and frizzy and generally annoying.

Recently a friend of mine commented how she came across an oil to use in her hair, just a couple of drops was all it took and her hair is soft and feels great. She loves it so much that I thought I would give it a go.

So I went to hunt down some of this precious oil and found a bottle of it in a local chemist. I did also find some shampoo and conditioner at the supermarket that contained this product known as Argan Oil which comes all the way from Morocco.

How could they keep this secret from me for all these years, this stuff is brilliant!ArganOil

My hair feels so soft and it sits so much better, no extra boof.

I do need to put just a couple of drops of the oil in my hair every day, but it is worth it and my dry hands get a good dose of oil at the same time, making them feel nice and soft. So it is like getting two uses out of the one product! Brilliant!

Now I thought if this makes my hair and skin feel so nice and soft, there has to be more to this oil. So I did a bit of searching and found some interesting information about this awesome product.

Argan oil has very high levels of vitamin E and has 80% fatty acids, and is becoming very popular around the world as protection against ageing of the skin, and a healing source of many skin conditions.It helps in the healing of scars, sun protection, an anti-inflammatory, and it has disinfectant properties.

It contains sterolins which help to reduce inflammation, and encourage moisture retention of the skin . If you have arthritic or rheumatic conditions its use is very beneficial. It stimulates circulation and can be used to help with skin irritations such as chickenpox, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It has also been know to help with stretch marks in pregnancy.

All round I think I have found a product that I am going to enjoy and love using for a very long time. I am sure there are many more benefits to using this oil on a daily basis. If you have used this oil for any reason and would like to share your experience, please feel free to comment below.


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  • No Excuses!

    Can you list or take a photo of the other ingredients on the shampoo and conditioner please. I am anti chemicals and would love to see what is also in this stuff 🙂

    • MyJewelleryBox

      I have taken a picture of the shampoo and conditioner ingredients and they are uploaded in that order.

      • Shelby Mullins

        I have to use much more than just a few drops. More like half a bottle at a time, but it’s the only thing that works


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