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Most people relate forgetfulness with being one of the elderly in our society, yet every thyroid sufferer will experience some form of forgetfulness. One of the many frustrating symptoms of a problematic thyroid is the brain fog or forgetfulness. It can give you a down right headache just trying to search in your head for that thing you have just suddenly forgotten. A name, a word, a date, a place, even a face.



Some of the common things you may forget could be where you last left something like your keys, sunglasses, phone or purse. Forgetting to make appointments, forgetting to go to appointments, forgetting where you were going, or what you were doing are more serious. This kind of forgetfulness is often due to distraction, lack of concentration, tiredness also possibly anxiety and stress. All these are symptoms of a dysfunctional thyroid.


Remembering a persons name can sometimes be the most difficult and frustrating of all the things you forget. Not only that, it can be embarrassing when you see the person again and say hello and you can’t for the life of you find their name in that big ol’ head you got there.

In normal circumstances, when you have only met someone once you may forget their name in your second meeting with them, but it can’t possibly be normal to forget a persons name who you see often and talk to on a regular basis. Yet most thyroid patients will struggle with this problem on a regular basis.

Isn’t it funny though, how suddenly out of the blue when your in the middle of something and the thing you were trying to think of earlier will pop into your head. You start to do this crazy dance like you just won the lottery, saying “Oh my gosh that’s what it was, why couldn’t I think of it when I needed to?”. Ok so maybe I am the only one that does that. But that is how I feel when I finally remember something I was struggling to remember earlier.


So here I hope to give you some brain training ideas to help you with your memory. It will not cure the forgetfulness or remove the brain fog but it may help in the slightest of ways to increase your ability to remember the smallest of things. I have used these methods and have found that they are useful and do help when put to their full use.

Next time when you meet someone for the first time and they introduce themselves to you, repeat their name back to them. Even try and relate their name to someone you know with that name or try to connect it to something familiar to you. We all have phones today, so quickly write down their name in your notes and where you met them, (after you have finished talking of course). Unless you get to such a familiar place that your swapping numbers. You can then add them to your contacts list. Just the act of writing their name down will give you a visual of the name in your head.


As you leave to go your separate ways, be sure to say goodbye using their name, if you have forgotten in that short time, most people would be quick to remind you of their name.

For people trying to study and remember their notes for an exam, this could mean the difference of a pass or fail. I really struggled through school, tests being the most difficult to pass and I wanted to make sure I passed my VCE. So when it came to exam time in year 12 I learnt a very clever method of remembering all those boring study notes. I used large pieces of paper and wrote my notes in point form and in colour. It was amazing how when it came time for the exams, I was able to just close my eyes and see the notes I had written – in colour. This may not work for all but you won’t know until you give it a try.


Other ways to keep your brain stimulated is to try completing crossword puzzles or any kind of word game puzzles. Mathematics puzzles and Problem solving is also a great way of brain training. There are a lot of phone apps out there that are great for brain stimulation. There are a few I can recommend such as: Words with Friends, a game of scrabble you can play with your friends. Scramble with Friends, a fast paced game where you have a short amount of time to make as many words out of jumbled letters. Fit Brains Trainer, a program designed by Neuroscientists to enhance memory, focus and brain speed.


Getting together with your friends for a game of cards, scrabble, pictionary or just a good chat about things going on around you could be another great way of brain stimulation. Having a good conversation with another person is a great way to recall events that are going on around you. It could possibly even help to relieve some stress that you may be experiencing by sharing it with a friend.

If you have a good brain training exercise, or a great way to improve your memory that you would like to share please leave it in the comments area below. I would love to know what works for you.

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