Vodka Jelly Shots



I made this several days before my party which is fantastic as it was one less thing I had to worry about on the day. I was trying to keep things simple and easy going, less stress equals more fun! This is so easy to make and fun to share at any party. As you can see by the picture I used Vodka with gold specks for effect but you can use just plain Vodka.


Packet Jelly crystals flavour
Shot cups
Cooking oil spray


Pour jelly crystals into bowl. Add 250ml boiled or hot water. Stir until jelly crystals have dissolved. Mix in 150ml Vodka and 50ml cold water. Spray plastic shot cups with cooking oil spray, (this helps jelly to slide out easily when being consumed). Pour jelly mixture into shot cups. Refrigerate until set or until the party begins.


These were enjoyed by all my party guests and there were none left at the end of the night so make sure you have plenty. I made between 30 and 40 shots using 3 packets of jelly. So you get around 10 – 12 shots per packet depending how much you fill the shot cups.


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