Washing! Lets get Sorted!

Hanging-Shirt-Develop-Leadership-SkillsMy 12 year old boy came to me this morning and whispered in my ear “hey Mum, you know that white shirt of mine, it has pink stains on it”, and then he giggled.


Don’t you hate that!

Thank goodness he could see the funny side of it!

I will never forget when I did my first load of washing on my honeymoon and somehow managed to turn my husbands white clothes pink. Thank goodness he was able to laugh about it under his annoyance that he would be wearing pink for the next few weeks!

Something my Mum taught me growing up was to separate the coloured or dark clothes from the white clothes so this kind of incident doesn’t happen. I had done this for a long time having also learned from my honeymoon disaster. Then one day Someone who came to help me out, just threw everything in the washing machine together, coloured clothes, black clothes, white clothes and denim.

I had been convinced by this person without them even saying it, that this is the easy way. Less frustration, no hassle of sorting just throw it in together.

Well it does seem so easy!

It is until you start noticing the streaks of stains on the husbands work shirts or the pink clothes that once were white.

It’s a bit like that one pocket that you just don’t check that happens to have a tissue in it and what happens; bits of tissue through all the washing and it is mostly always the dark load.

So now I have definitely learnt my lesson and am trying to stop you from making the same mistake and embarrassing yourself or your family from finding pink stains on their white shirts.




Please, please, please sort your dark clothes, coloured clothes and white clothes from each other, and the world will be a happier, safer place. Oh and do not under any circumstance wash towels or face washers with your clothes! That can be as bad as a tissue in the wash.


Now to fold it and put it away before the kids mess it all up!






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