What I Don’t Do To Get My Kids To Go To School

20130726-121054.jpgWe all have experienced it, that time of the morning when waking the kids to get ready for school and you hear the small groans from your child saying “I feel sick”. Going through your mind is all the things you had planned for your day and having to make cancellations. The most difficult part is knowing whether your child is really unwell or just pulling another swifty on you. Hoping you will give into their desperate complaints of aches and pains.


A friend on seeing that my children got off to school every day without any protests asked me recently how do I get my children to go to school, as she was having trouble getting her prep grade child to go to school. The child would always pretend to be sick or would have a tantrum and refuse to go to school. She would literally have to drag her child into school kicking and screaming.


I was surprised to hear this at first because I had never really had a problem getting my kids to go to school especially in prep. Most children at this age are more than eager to go to school. I know some find it hard in the first few days but usually after settling in they are more excited about going. So I had to think about this for some time and this is a possible reason I came up with.

I could tell you what I do to get my kids to school but instead I will tell you what I don’t do to get my kids to go to school.

My number one rule when my children are sick at home from school is they have to stay in bed, no exceptions. I make them stay in bed all day, they are only allowed out to have lunch. I tell them the only way that anyone recovers from being unwell is by having bed rest. They are not allowed to watch tv, no fun games, no playing, no computer games. I do allow them to read books in bed.

This tends to stop them faking being sick as they get bored having to stay in their bedrooms all day. It is interesting how soon after being reminded of how they will have to stay in bed all day, that they recover and suddenly don’t feel so unwell.

Even on asking them before departing for school how they are feeling I will get the response all love to hear, ‘yeah I’m fine mum!’

Most children when they are really sick are more than happy to stay in bed all day. Often when peeping in on them to see how they are doing, you most often will find them snoring their little heads off. Recovering, getting better.

On the odd occasion when my younger children are feeling a little apprehensive about going to school and maybe a little upset I remind them of a lot of the positives of school, their friends, playtime, learning and how much their teacher is looking forward to seeing them. The teacher one is usually the quick seller.

So next time you have a child who may be pulling a sickie on you maybe try the all day in bed idea and see what the outcome is.





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