Where Did I Put That List?


How many times do you go to the shop and forget what it was you were meant to buy or where you were actually meant to be going? I know I am not the only one. Driving along the road suddenly thinking what was I doing, where was I going? Or in the supermarket pulling items off the shelf and loading your trolley or basket up with everything you think you need and then getting home to find you forgot the one thing you needed the most, or that one thing which was your reason for going to the shops in the first place.

Usually it is the most basic thing like milk which you will have forgotten. It is so frustrating when your unloading your groceries into your cupboards and fridge and you stand there virtually hitting yourself on the head because you forgot that essential item. Or you buy items that you already had and didn’t need. Ah yes, we have all done it. Well I am sure most of us have.

Now I find myself using lists for everything, I can not live without a list. Whether it is for grocery shopping, clothes shopping, comparison shopping or what I need to do for the day. I even need a list of chores that need to be done as often some get forgotten or missed because of distraction or just plain forgetfulness.

Thank goodness for my phone as I just loose anything written on a piece of paper or I can never remember where I left it.

ShopShop_iconI have this great little app on there for shopping, it’s called shopshop. You can add different shops on there and then add your list of groceries for each individual shop. It remembers past items you have put on your list and as your typing the name of the item it will show up and you can press on the item and it will automatically add it to the list.

shopshopAs you are shopping you can strike through the items you have bought and choose to delete if you wish. I have about 5 different lists on this app so it is very handy for those days when you have to go to 3 different stores, like the supermarket, the fruit shop and the butcher. You can easily add or remove shopping lists. You can even easily scroll items up the list to put them in order of the shop and what you will get to first in the supermarket. There is even an option to colour code each list, which is great for colour memory.

The other thing I can not live without on my phone due to my lack of memory and brain fog is my calendar. I put every appointment or reminder needed in there and make sure it alerts me 1 – 2 hours before hand and sometimes even the day before just so I have enough time to prepare if needed.

Now I just need to make sure I stop loosing my phone or forgetting where I last left it.



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